I Hate Fairyland #4

I Hate Fairyland #4

Writer: Skottie Young

Artist: Skottie Young

Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu

I Hate Fairyland is a nightmare of a great time! The setting is Fairyland where as you may have guessed Fairytale creatures and beloved princes and princesses call home. Unfortunately for them Gertrude has fallen into their world and after 27 years being in this overly happy and colorful hell hole, Gert decides to beat, maim, kill, destroy, pillage and overall massacre everything and everyone she can get her hands on all in search of a key to take her home.


   Unfortunately for Gertrude she has found out there is another little girl Happy who is having a much easier, much more quick and much less murderous adventure in Fairyland. She too is searching for the key so that she can escape Fairyland and go home. After Happy blew the dickens out of Gert with a rainbow blast she set off on her cute quest of finding the key. Gert chats with Queen Cloudia (who would love to beat, maim, kill, destroy, pillage and overall massacre Gert….but can’t due to a “Fairyland guest protection” spell) who informs her that if Happy finds the key first that she Queen Cloudia can finally kill Gertrude because she will no longer be protected. Gert decides to go try and kill an Evil Doom, and thus the dungeon begins and so I must wait until next issue.


  This issue is fabulous! The art and story are so great, as the reader I can feel the anger and irritation that Queen Cloudia  has for Gert. And as for Gertrude she seems almost tired of killing everything and yet still take great joy and pride in doing so.  I love how this story has different fables and fairy tale people who are just generic but I love more that the covers show hilarious and yet disturbing images of what Gert does to the fables and characters we all know and love (issue 4 is Gert showing disembodied feet to a fearful prince with a glass slipper).  This issue is an 8/10. I love what I’m seeing and I am enjoying the adventure and excited to see what Skottie has up his sleeve.


Read On!! – Alex


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