Injustice Year 5 #2

Written by Brian Buccellato

Art by Tom Derenick and Mike S. Miller; Colors by Rex Lokus and J. Nanjan

Cover by David Yardin


The final year of Injustice is in full swing. Issue 2 into it’s fifth year, this story is still keeping me on the edge of your seat as ever!  We have Superman fighting with one of his greatest enemies, one of Batman’s greatest foes helping Superman, and one of Batman’s resistance being held hostage by Superman’s regime.


The thing i love most about Injustice is that there is nothing holding it back.  It doesn’t belong to any continuity but it’s own, so any rules in the DC Universe currently set do not apply to this book.

 There is a classic fight in this book that ripples from the many points in history when these two titans have fought against each other but what is interesting about this fight is where both characters are at in this universe.

 Superman is tired of constantly fighting for world order but that doesn’t mean he is willing to give up on it altogether. He knows that his allies question his methods and that is breaking him down with only his anger to keep him stable.  To my absolute surprise, Superman’s mightiest ally who has been leading him down darker paths in this book actually confronts Clark about a decision that he absolutely made wrong.

 Superman’s motivations for what he is doing is becoming more unclear the longer he fights for what he thinks is right no matter how deluded it may be.  Brian Buccellato, like Tom Taylor before him, keeps me turning page after page in anticipation waiting to find out what happens next.  This story has been unfolding since year one issue one and it is crazy to think that a video game that came out four years ago spawned this 5 year epic story that holds an incredible fan base all anxiously waiting to see what the conclusion for this story might be.


The art in this book is fairly consistent throughout besides there being two different artists each getting half of the book.  The art never fails to enforce the story and it is full of emotion that can only be seen on the human face.  The expressions on the first half of the story really sell the emotion and the thoughts that are lingering for the characters.

 The second half art of this story while still very in line with the first half makes what you saw in the first part of the book with the characters squeezed so their faces and bodies are a little thinner.  Not a huge deal but not small enough not to notice.


Awesome cover with Doomsday knocking out Superman; I definitely feel the rage and intensity that is about to come when I open that cover.


Rating:  8/10: The story and art worked very well together for the most part to make a cohesive story full of action, some romance and betrayal.  Great story elements and a fun twist on fights we have seen in the past.  I am very excited for issue 3 and can’t even imagine how intense this final year of Injustice will be but can only hope with the momentum this series has been driving through with that it will be a story unlike any other.


Whompow! – Garrett



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