Tokyo Ghost #5

Tokyo Ghost #5

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist : Sean Murphy

Colorist : Matt Hollingsworth

First off, Tokyo Ghost as a series itself has been amazing, and as the series builds it only seems to  get more incredible. Rick Remender and Sean Murphy team up to bring Debbie and Led (Teddy) to life in a high octane adventure where citizens lives are ruled by their thirst for technology, everyone except Debbie and the city of Tokyo who want life to be about living life and not artificial living. But there is always trouble in any paradise and that trouble is Led.


    Issue five picks up as Kazumi lies on her deathbed after being attacked by her own soldiers, passing her sword on to Debbie asking her to lead the clan. Meanwhile Led Dent reverts back to needing technology to revenge the attack from the clan members. In doing so he goes berserk; maiming, killing and destroying all that stand in his way, but he is not the one in control of his action, Davey Trauma holds the reins to Led. Debbie is the only person with whom may be able to stop him. As she stands in front of the crazed and uncontrollable Led risking her life to see if he is Teddy no longer or if there is still a chance her lover and best friend is still in there. Left on an amazing two page spread explosive cliffhanger.


   Murphy was a spectacular choice to do the art for this series. He focuses on the detail and doesn’t waste a page. Remender has written so many wonderful titles including Black Science, Deadly Class, and Low. Tokyo Ghost is just another book I cannot wait to read in my stack and I look forward to to month after month. I rate this book a solid 9/10 look forward to April when I can read issue 6!


Read On!! – Alex


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