Batgirl #47

Batgirl #47

Written by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher

Art by Eleonora Carlini (pgs 1-6, 18-20) and Moritat (pgs 7-17)

Colors by Serge Lapointe

Cover by Babs Tarr

In Batgirl’s latest adventure coming hot off the wheels of saving the bat sleuth Spoiler, Batgirl finds herself amongst two new allies trying to find the source of the recent corruption inside the Gotham City Police Department whom is involved in blackmailing one of our heroes. Within this issue there is warnings from family members, a good ole fashion undercover job, a 3-on-1 Robo fight, and a cliffhanger you need to wrap your head around.


The one word that comes to mind in Batgirl’s recent issues is:  Fun; having a bat on Batgirl’s chest does not mean that she has to live in the world of the night, but she can stand on her own against the villains of Burnside.  The story in this issue plays off of three women loving the masks or hoods they wear while fighting for what is right.  I find it very hard not to smile when seeing these three characters for the first time (that they remember anyway) as Batgirl inspires two new heroes to act as she does.  Stewart and Fletcher give Batgirl a relatable feel in that they express that she is human like everyone else but she has a responsibility that she needs to stay on top of ever since she wore her cowl for the first time.  The witty banter for when our heroes were fighting the Robo-Villain of this issue was humorous and makes you want throw a punch in the air and say, “That was Badass.”  A conversation is had with someone close to Batgirl and they both have a growing concern for the enforcement of Gotham City that a even more powerful corruption is brewing in Gotham City.


The art and color for this book are richer than most books out on the DC line today.  The electric colors of Lapointe for this book work very well together especially in action scenes.  Carlini and Moritat’s art throughout the book is very consistent. I’ve never noticed that two different artists were drawing this issue without actually trying to find the difference in their art. If a book has to be divided amongst artists they should take advice from these two because they definitely pulled off a book where it didn’t take me out of it because the art was drastically different half way through the book.


The cover by Babs Tarr is adrenaline fun with Batgirl flying over rooftops on her Bat Bike.  Like the art inside the issue, the electric colors play well off each other and is well attuned to the fun about to be had by reading this book.


          This issue of Batgirl was fun, adrenaline filled, funny and never left me bored for a second.  I do feel the story is part of a much greater arc because much did not happen just seeds of things to come in the future. Great art and action that seems like it should be a storyboard for quite the movie. I can’t wait to know what the corruption that is growing in Gotham will come to be as Batgirl is definitely onto something and whatever that corruption is, it better watch out!


Garrett’s rating: 8/10


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