Robin: Son of Batman #8

Robin- Son of Batman #8

Written by Ray Fawkes

Art by Ramon Bachs

Colors by Mat Lopes

Cover by Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray and John Kalisz


Continuing his journey, Damien, with the help of Nobody and Goliath, is still trying to fix all the wrongs he inflicted during his “Year of Blood.”  In this issue there is an ancient curse, ninja fights, monster fights, scary relatives and a fairly long haircut!


This if the first time Ray Fawkes has been on Robin: Son of Batman and I believe he did a great job of capturing how important Damien’s mission is.  Robin will stop at nothing to redeem himself so every force that comes his way in this particular mission hardly stands a chance until a force opposes him and Nobody with their legacies in question.  My favorite part about this story is choices, which I think becomes the core message of this issue. If I go down too dark of a path, can i find redemption or will i continue to plunge into darkness?  Robin does learn a very important quality about himself that will keep his motivational arrow pointing at retribution and it all comes down to legacy and what legacy does Damien want to leave for himself.  Fawkes characterization of Damien is spot on. From his humor to his never fading motivation for completing his journey.


The art by Ramon Bachs and Colors by Mat Lopes is some of the best art I have ever seen in a comic. I love the use of shadows and how they come into the action sequences. They are fluid, easy to follow and not to mention badass.  The expressions on the characters faces fit the scenes of the book, especially Damien’s typical smugness all the way down to how much he love’s Alfred giving him a haircut.


The cover of this book is plain but absolutely awesome.  The Silhouette of Batman behind Robin is just a cool image to see.  This flips the being in someone’s shadow vignette into something different entirely, i think it has foreshadowing that Robin wants to be Batman and to do that he needs to act like Batman, which works good in this issue and overall story because he is trying to redeem himself for all the atrocities he committed in the Year of Blood.


Damien’s journey to redeem himself for the Year of Blood is the most epic quests a fallen hero can accomplish. Through Ray Fawkes writing you get a feel for how important it is to Damien to fix all his wrongs and the weight of how heavy regret can feel. Future issues will hopefully hold the answers Damien is looking for and make him the best Robin he can be. The great use of storytelling with a clear message, action, and that Damien humor we love the most gives this book a solid 9/10.


Garrett’s Rating – 9/10


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