All-New All-Different Avengers #4

ANAD Avengers #4

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Mahmud Asrar

Colors by Dave McCaig

Cover by Alex Ross

What I like that Mark Waid is doing with this team is yes, they are all together now, but he is trying to make them cohesive as a unit and four issues in they are still working out the kinks to being a real team. This is more realistic than some teams forming in one issue and are always together fighting evil with no animosity amongst members of the team for the rest of the run.  Another interesting aspect about this story is the Avengers are flat out broke and if it wasn’t for previous adventures, they would be left without any equipment whatsoever to do their job best. While that is a weakness potentially for the Avengers, it is also a strength for the team. The veteran members of the Avengers and the newest members of the core team get to create a foundation for the future adventures that are sure to come for this new incarnation of the Avengers.  A highlight from this issue is that holy cow Thor and Falcon Cap are kissing moment in the book. The actual kiss was a why the hell not and the reactions from the rest of the team are hilarious.  Interestingly enough, that kiss sparks many questions for the rest of the Avengers about the new Thor and why she is acting like she won’t live forever.  Jane Foster better be on the lookout for her team finding out who she is, but maybe enough trust will grow amongst the team so when that secret is revealed there will not be any fallout.


Asrar’s art inside this book is very fluid throughout the entire issue.  His character drawings look more friendly and less intimidating than previous renditions when the story was more serious.  Asrar compliments Mark Waid’s writing because the point of this new team of Avengers is to make the team more diverse and fun.  The action sequences are easy to follow and epically done playing to each character’s strengths with their own powers. I thought his drawing of Falcon-Cap and Thor kissing was not as epic as Alex Ross’s version, but it still was worth seeing fleshed out through the story and the rest of the team’s reactions were priceless!  The colors by Dave McCaig is everything I could hope for in a comic book. Rich saturated colors that makes every hero part of this team really stand out amongst each other with their individual color palette that looks great to the human eye!


One name only has to be said about this cover and that name is Alex Ross.  I have loved that every single issue so far of Avengers has been by Alex Ross.  The amount of detail he throws into a cover with the town below Thor and Falcon-Cap while they are kissing is uncanny. The town below reflecting off of Thor’s helmet, the sun and shadow bouncing off both heroes.  The rich colors as they were meant to be.  This is a perfect cover with excellent detail, it was drawn and colored beautifully and left me excited to get to the part of this story where I could see Thor and Falcon-Cap kissing come to life.


Garrett’s Rating:  8/10


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