Extraordinary X-men #6

Extraordinary X-Men #6

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Victor Ibanez

Colors by Jay David Ramos

Cover by Humberto Ramos and Joe Caramagna

X-men + Weirdworld = Awesome, Fun, Searching, Hunting, Truths, and Weird


The pacing in this story was a little slower than the other issues of this series starting with big action in the beginning, flashing back to how we got there until finally we got back to the action.  When the pace did become slow though, Jeff Lemire used that time in the story to really flesh out some of our known and unknown characters.  Some of the newer younger Xmen from Spider-man and the X-men are still trying to find their place amongst their fellow experienced mutants. Leave it to Colossus to lend a helping hand and give the right push and direction to these young mutants to make them feel part of the team. This is where the fan’s association with the story the most, when there is a call to be a part of something greater than themselves and in this case a team with the same goal.

Lemire also touched deeply upon a old favorite of mine, who happened to come out this issue. Having a character you have read about for 6 years, without knowing their sexual preference,  when they finally reveal that part of themselves it makes that character more relatable.I call that the reverse god particle when a superhero has everyday issues with how they feel inside, which ultimately makes them more human, which is the overall goal for mutants to be treated one and the same as humans.  The reveal at the end of this issue that Logan was secretly on his own mission this entire time, turned a search into a hunt and that really kicked up the adrenaline for me because it has been a long time in comics since Logan used his beastial nature to hunt someone down.  Someone very recognizable, who the X-men find at the end of this issue, raises some very interesting questions: Why he is on Weirdworld? And what has happened to him since Secret Wars?


The art inside this book compliments Humberto Ramos’s art, but it absolutely is not his art inside this book.  One of my favorite reasons for getting this series was Ramos’s art because it reminds me that the X-men are a fun team and yes, they can be serious but the playfulness and extraordinary colors in this series just makes it all fun. It was a tad disappointing that Ramos art was not inside this book, not to say that Ibanez did a horrible job but the  art in this book does work well with all of the characters. I did have to chuckle that he made Logan’s face look like an very old Hobbit. For an artist to step in and take care of the art for an issue, Ibanez did a decent job.  I hope Ramos is back on the inside art next issue but would still be alright if Ibanez returned again.


The cover of this issue of Ex X-Men is very fun!  If you read the Weirdworld secret wars mini, the cover pays homage to it with Akron holding his sword King Arthur style with most of the X-Men team above him with don’t fuck with us looks on their faces.  What I find disappointing about this cover is yes it shows that the story will be taking place in Weirdworld but no Akron is anywhere to be found. I hope he will be coming in sometime during this arc! Pencils and Colors by Ramos and Caramagna looks very crisp and i wished that art was in the rest of the book.

Garrett’s Rating:  7/10


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