Superman: Lois and Clark #4

Superman Lois and Clark #4

Written by Dan Jurgens

Art by Lee Weeks, Sergio Cariello, and Scott Hanna

Colors by Jeromy Cox

Cover by Lee Weeks and Brad Anderson

The story, by Dan Jurgens, in this issue is fun to follow. Basically, the comparison of two similar Metropolis, one from pre new 52 Clark Kent and Lois, and the other from post New 52.  That’s the best part of Superman is his humanity, which in the New 52 is still there but isn’t a main focus.  Jurgens, who has wrote many a story about Superman, knows that Superman should focus on his humanity.  After this fun flashback about coming to the new universe for the first time, we are thrown back into the main story where Lois and Jon are hiding from Intergang, and Clark is waking up from a surprise attack from Hank Henshaw and Blanque who is controlling Hank Henshaw.  Blanque is, a telepath and one that is hellbent on destruction, furious with Clark for imprisoning him. Superman is blindsided when he gets attacked because it is his sanctuary where the attack comes from, a sanctuary whose security he trusts in completely.  Clark gets his ass beat and kicked out of his own fortress. It will be interesting to see how Clark retaliates to Blanque and Hank’s attack.  Lois and Jon are on the run from Intergang and actually run into its leader (well from their previous universe but sometimes things on one planet stay the same as the other).  Jon sees a newspaper that reveals that Clark Kent is Superman, it’s not a picture of his dad but of the New 52 universe Superman.  Jon gets his investigative genes from Lois and his call to action genes from Superman. There is no way that Jon won’t pursue answers about Superman with his father.  Only future issues will tell how Jon finally finds out that his father is Superman.


The art inside this issue by Weeks, Cariello, and Hanna is drawn rather well and I really love the ability to see the character’s expressions throughout the issue.  LIke i said earlier about Superman’s humanity, I need to feel it during a Superman story and seeing the story unfold on the character’s faces is half the battle.  The art looks like I am watching the Superman movie with Christopher Reeve but the characters are different, which is understandable given the story but the scope created by the artists is beautiful.  The colors are fantastic and I only wish to see that red, blue, and yellow but this is a different Superman tale so it’s understandable that given his dark outfit that the world around him can’t be as bright and shiny as the metropolis I am used to.


The cover by Lee Weeks and Brad Anderson is very dramatic with Hank Henshaw (well the mind warped version of Hank Henshaw) standing over Superman’s body in his new black and white costume; it’s an interesting cover choice but i think it is pretty plain but it does foreshadow what is to come in this issue.  The colors on this cover have dark tones and they all play off each other very well especially with the starry sky above Clark and Hank.  I am hoping for a better cover for issue #5 because this is the Superman before the New 52 and his history is vast so shallow covers are a poor way to show the awesome history of the man who inspires hope in everyone.


Garrett’s Rating:  9/10


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