Black Magick #4


Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Nicola Scott

Letterer: Jodi Wynne

Color Assists: Chiara Arena

Black Magick is such a beautiful book! Nicola Scott’s art is so crisp, her detail for eyes is so surreal, and her environments are places I would want to visit. As for Greg Rucka on this book, it reminds me of “Gotham Central”. When, as the reader, we are in the police station I feel the partnership between the characters and it brings me back to when I read the 40 issues of “GC”.

Black Magick #4 opens in the morgue during the autopsy of Bruce Dunridge, alleged rapist/murderer of Sarah Belle. We find out whoever killed him didn’t do it very well, during the hanging process his neck didn’t break causing him to be asphyxiated and hang for at least an hour before death. Having his hand cut off and then thrown in the river to wash away evidence, the only thing found other than blotchy bloated skin was bright green “apple pips”. At seeing this Ro drops the metal bowl they were dropped in. After stating it was a due to slippery hands, she and her partner head over to see Alex, her sister witch, as well as interviewing Mr. and Mrs. Belles. Alex is going to find who the lighter, that ignited Ro’s stalker up like a dried up Christmas tree, belongs to. After the talk with the Belles it’s found out they didn’t kill Bruce Dunridge.

As the issue comes to an end were at Alex’s house as she creates the spell to find the owner of the lighter. As the last ingredient is put in the potion out jumps some crazy lady with claws for nails and saying “Goodbye witch”.

Issue 5 was a wonderful, the art was amazing and I love supernatural/detective aspects of this book. A solid 8/10 and I cannot wait to read issue 6 to find out what happens to Alex and see if Mr. Witch Hunter is who i think he is!

Alex’s rating – 8/10

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