Daredevil #3

Daredevil #3

Daredevil #4

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Ron Garney

Colors by Matt Milla

Cover by Garney and Milla

What’s old is new again.

Matt Murdock’s fun run with Mark Waid is over and now Charles Soule is taking Murdock to a familiar, yet different place. It’s very easy to dismiss this run as the same thing we’ve always seen from a Daredevil book (besides Waid’s run). I know I did. This caused me to not like the first two issues. Thankfully, this issue did a lot to squash those fears and it makes me excited to see where Soule takes this run.


We start off in the middle of the confrontation, where we left off in the last issue. The Hand has found Ten Fingers and wants to get back what is theirs. A fight breaks out between The Hand and Ten Fingers’ gang, with Daredevil in the middle. This is one of three points of the issue where I was very impressed with Ron Garney and Matt Milla on art. A splash page of Daredevil taking on multiple members of the Hand acts as the lit match to the kinetic panels that follow. It ends when The Hand decide to retreat (for now). Daredevil tries to warn the Ten Fingers’ gang that they are marked for life and it will only go away with their deaths, but Ten Fingers doesn’t seem to think so .

We cut to a scene of Daredevil on a rooftop with Blindspot. Daredevil thinks Ten Fingers used to be part of The Hand and took some power from them. This nice moment between Blindspot and Daredevil is another moment where Garney and Milla impressed me. The blue hue of the night’s sky along with the limited panels of their conversation bring the pace down from the fight that preceded it. Plus the white mask of Blindspot is eerily similar to that of Ten Fingers’ face. What is Blindspot’s motives?


The last scene is Matt Murdock, the prosecutor. The colors change to a sepia as Matt and his boss talk about losing the case. Once again, this nice change of pace in the art shows Garney and Milla have a understanding on showing the dual nature of Daredevil as a character. It’s not only what he does with his mask on, but what he does in court that matters. This ends with Ten Fingers coming to see Matt Murdock in his offices. Does he know he’s Daredevil? We’ll have to wait and see. Each issue is getting better in terms of storytelling, with this issue being the best one so far.
Marvin’s rating – 8/10


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