Saga #33

Saga #33

Written by Brian K. Vaughan

Art by Fiona Staples


The Brand is dead.

Our issue starts with Upsher and Doff finding this out. The curse is lifted (The Brand had put a curse on them that would explode their brains if they pursued their story about our heroes). With The Brand’s death they are now free to pursue their story again.

This issue’s story is fairly simple. They later find The Will alive (and fat). He’s looking for more information on what’s going on so he attacks Upsher and Doff and is going to force them to help him.

Each issue of Saga usually doesn’t have an elaborate story. While the overall story is grand in scale, each issue usually focuses on a few characters. And that’s what Brian K. Vaughn does best. He’s best at giving even the side characters depth, which allows for a better fleshed out world. Fiona Staples is doing the best work of her career (so far). You don’t even have to go that far to get a great example of how much she’s killing it on this book. The cover is absolutely beautiful:  the lightning, colors, and lines all come together for a perfect cover. Saga continues to be one of the best comics on that market with issue #33.
Marvin’s rating – 9/10


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