Action Comics #49

Action_Comics #49

Written by Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder

Art by Adrian Syaf

Cover by Aaron Kuder and Tomeu Morey

Superman is recharged with most of his abilities resurfacing, but with a cloud of green exhaust leaving his body meaning the Kryptonite did what Superman wanted and more.  It was odd and great at the same time seeing Superman fly again right at this robot enemy. At the beginning of the story, the Kryptonite sloughing off Clark’s dead cells is still odd to me but still makes sense.  If only Clark had his suit back on it truly would have been a moment for the books.  Clark meets up with a kid turned barbarian, a associate of Vandal Savage as they both start fighting each other but with Clark’s powers finally back in sync.  Superman beats up the barbarian not knowing it’s a kid but when he finds out he becomes furious and takes off after Vandal Savage’s ship, which just happens to be hovering over his Fortress of Solitude.  I think Clark, with his power’s back, is not going to be happy that Savage is about to destroy his only link to his Kryptonian heritage on Earth.

The art inside the book by Kuder and Morey is very detailed on each character’s face and they make Vandal Savage look like a master manipulator who you don’t want to mess with.  The art of Superman with his power’s back literally had me cheering because we are one step or should I say an issue closer to having our Superman back.

The cover by Kuder and Morey is an awesome scene with Superman fighting against a kid turned barbarian in a tremendous lighting storm.  When looking at this cover the adrenaline starts pumping because in Superman #48 we last saw Superman in a safe full of Kryptonite and now he is fighting a huge barbarian guy, in the air? Not odd for classic Superman, but Superman with his powers supposedly gone?  Very interesting.

Garrett’s Rating:  9/10


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