Batgirl #48

Batgirl #48

Written by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher

Art by Babs Tarr

Cover by Babs Tarr

Barbara and Luke are sharing a romantic night out in costume when a distress call from some life size video gamers start causing chaos at a local arcade. They take care of it, of course, but the video gamers tell Batgirl that it’s not the first time they have been thwarted by her. Much to Batgirl’s disbelief she doesn’t remember whatsoever. Come to find that Batgirl has been slowly forgetting memories and not knowing how this is happening. She had battled an A.I. of herself in the past, but how crazy would it be to forget more and more details from your past over time.  Yes, with growing up that happens, naturally, but even with the recent past Barbara is forgetting details.

Batgirl then teams up with Black Canary to hunt down the culprit to the memory thieving. This is where the fun begins as Bats and Canary have a truly humorous relationship especially as they interact with bystanders on the way to their culprit.  In the past these two heroes wouldn’t be put anywhere near each other, for the most part besides Birds of Prey, but the fact that they are together now as buddies is great!  A big cliffhanger at the end of this issue makes me excited for the next issue wondering what will happen to Barbara after she is left comatose by the dark entity stealing her memories.

Yes!  Babs Tarr is back on art!  Tarr’s art fits this book so well because she makes the characters look fun with a slight homage to Bruce Timm’s art.  The art flows from panel to panel from dialogue to action so smoothly this could be a storyboard for a movie or tv show.  Great art to fit the story, I can’t wait for the next issue hoping that it is Babs Tarr again.

The cover, also by Babs Tarr, has Batgirl and Black Canary back at it again as one of our favorite dynamic duos.  Black Canary using her scream power with Batgirl flinging batarangs at their supposed enemy.  Great cover with beautiful action which had me pumped to open this cover.  You know when Batgirl and Black Canary are both on the cover it’s going to be a great story!

Garrett’s Rating: 9/10


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