Spawn #260

Spawn #260

Plot, Script, Layouts, Pencils and Inks by Erik Larsen and Todd McFarlane

Cover by Erik Larsen

The story by Erik Larsen and Todd McFarlane is truly epic as Spawn is taking on the devil himself.  The Devil wants Spawn’s suit in exchange for Wanda’s life and Al says that he is keeping both.  How badass is that? He is staring at the devil himself, with the life of his soul mate in the devil’s hands, and Spawn doesn’t hesitate as he tells the devil to basically go screw himself.  Al does this because he has nothing to lose. He has been through so very much in his life and especially in his career as Spawn. Al just wants it to be over more than anything but instead of last time when he quit, Al knows he needs to save Wanda to start with to reorganize his mission for his life.  Al show tremendous sacrifice in the fact that he will give everything he has left which is basically his life to right the wrongs in his life.  The rest of the book involves two lovers fleeing from the devil in a adrenaline pumped start of a journey out of hell.

The art by McFarlane and Larsen is very detailed in scope, which looks like it should be played out on the big screen.  There is no subtle difference between McFarlane and Larsen’s art which makes the journey of this story more complete when there is no hiccup in art.  The rage and ferocity of Spawn and his motivation to save Wanda plays out exactly on his face with the importance of saving the life of the woman he loves.

Erik Larsen’s Spawn cover is very interesting and ties into the main story of the book.  Al and Wanda on the cover about to kiss as Al says don’t die, the reunion Spawn fans have been waiting for and myself included.  Al has been through a lot to getting to Wanda and I think the emotion Larsen draws on Al and Wanda’s faces is one of desperation to survive hell and get free of the tragedy that has consumed their lives.

Garrett’s Rating:  8/10


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