Velvet #13


Writer: Ed Brubaker

Artist: Steve Epting

Colorist: Elizabeth Breitweiser

Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos

    We start issue 13 with Damian Lake holding Velvet at gunpoint or he did until his hologram fizzles out due to the overhead sprinklers. Turns out he still has a gun pointed at her back where he then shoots her twice in the back. Body armor protects her leaving her alive but gasping for air. Outside two men try to kidnap the young woman Rachel whom Velvet just told leave. Luckily for Rachel Max shows up not wasting any time shooting one thug in the eye and double tapping the other on both shoulders. Max gives Rachel his car to help her escape. He then travels up the elevated to see Velvet knelt down with Lake’s gun pointing at her. After being told multiple times to get behind him, Velvet rolls to get her gun as Max is shot 3 times in the chest and falls out the window. Lake tells Velvet she asks the wrong questions and informs her that for a great plan you always have a backup team. Choosing to not kill her he let’s her jump out the window. Using gravity to glide toward the car chase, Velvet throws 1 bad guy out the window and kicks the driver in the face causing a crash with a light post. Having jumped off the car as the crash occurs Velvet is unscathed, she asks Rachel what hotel she had been at and the answer of Watergate is where the read is left until issue #14.

Love this issue, it was action packed.  Velvet as a whole is wonderful. I look forward to each issue.  Brubaker is such an amazing story teller and the art by Epting gives the story a flair of greatness! I am ready for the next issue.

Alex’s Rating – 8/10

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