Paper Girls #5


Written by Brian K. Vaughn

Art by Cliff Chiang

Colors by Matt Wilson


Brian K. Vaughn is working with some of the best artists and colorists today. Paper Girls #5 continues this trend for BKV with Cliff Chiang on pencils and Matt Wilson on colors. This book is gorgeous in it’s own unique way. There are few artists who have the style that Chiang does. I have no issue with the art in this series, but I think we may have an issue in the writing.

While the character work in this series (except the villains) has been top notch, as always with BKV, the story itself seems to be spinning it’s wheels. It’s been five issues so far, yet it feels like we’ve had two issues of plot progress. In this issue we have three slight plot progressions. Erin is healed, the rest of our heroes find her, and they meet the Grand Father before being blasted into 1999. While, yes, one could argue that is progress, the main overall plot hasn’t revealed itself yet after 5 issues.

Our heroes are fleshed out, however we don’t have any meaningful antagonist or even anything pushing against our heroes. We had Heck and Naldo, who turned out to be good so started helping the girls. We had Erin getting shot, but Heck and Naldo could cure that right away. We had the Cardinal fighting the girls, but she was taken out right away by her own weapon. Now we have the Grand Father, who hopefully can turn out to be a some sort of threat to our heroes. Erin does also referred to him as the Tree of Knowledge, so hopefully he’ll bring us onto a course of getting more answers than questions.

Marvin’s Rating – 7/10


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