The Walking Dead #151


Written by Robert Kirkman

Art by Charlie Adlard

Cover by Charlie Adlard

Reeling from one of the most horrible beat downs of his life, Rick has finally begun training the new “army” of Alexandria finally working towards a solution against the terrifying whisperers.  The story continues with Dwight’s self-doubting mindset of being a leader and fighting it;  for some reason Dwight can’t bring himself to become a leader of a group who has lost so much but his instinct gets the better of him and prove that he has what it takes to be the leader of a new military group.  Creating this new military and organization, Rick is appointing the people he trusts most of the leaders of the three colonies for their new world order with a certain newly transformed pirate taking on the leadership of the kingdom due to Ezekiel’s death.  It is rare for too much to happen in a Walking Dead issue but for good reason to build up the tension for what is to come; there is something looming on the horizon and it will be great to see how Rick and his people take it on!

The art by Charlie Adlard is some of the best art i have seen in a comic book.  To be consistent with character’s for 100 issues or so is a great feat, anytime i see a character on the page i know who it is not to say that’s impossible with any other book but  i can look at the face of the characters and not think that it could be someone else because it is 100% that person.

The cover by Charlie Adlard is great with Dwight looking like a complete badass with a full military outfit loaded with all kinds of weaponry including a certain lovely lady resting on his shoulder.  Dwight looks motivated and wary as if he needs to be ready for anything that comes at him.  I am a big fan of cover that actually involve the story inside and this cover definitely does this with the rise of a military and especially Dwight’s role in it.

Garrett’s Rating:  8/10


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