All-New All-Different Avengers #5


Written by Mark Waid

Art by Mahmed Asrar; Colors by Dave McCaig

Cover by Alex Ross


The story by Mark Waid is becoming more and more fun with each issue.  Seeing the different combinations of the Avengers interacting with each other is a real treat because it adds more layers to each hero instead of each hero just magically liking each other.  The Vision’s manipulations are coming into fruition, affecting two members of the team that starts to cause doubt in this newly formed team that hasn’t quite set up a foundation; one of those members being Ms. Marvel who was wrongly accused of endangering the lives of innocent people .  Who knows what the Vision is up to and if that even is the Vision?  The story ends with some future army coming back from the future to thwart the Avengers claiming with mementos from each member of the team that they already have.  This story proves that the team doesn’t have to get along to be a team and it’s not a good start for this one for how early it is into the game.


The art by Asrar is on par with his previous issues with the crispness of each hero with distinct lines and great action sequences.  The colors by McCaig look amazing as they bounce of every different character in this story. The colors are all full and bright and really help Asrar’s art take off on every panel.


Another great cover by Alex Ross basically the entire Avengers unit shunning Ms. Marvel and Iron Man yelling at her that she is kicked out of the team.  The cover is great with the colors of each member of the Avengers and shows how diverse this new team really is.  The only issue I had with this cover is the speech bubble on it. I have never seen a speech bubble on Alex Ross art, usually the art can convey the theme of the book on its own so the only dissapointing thing in my opinion.
Garrett’s Rating:  7/10


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