Guardians of the Galaxy #5


Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Valerio Schiti

Colors by Richard Isanove

Cover by Arthur Adams and Jason Keith


The story by Bendis continues on from last issue where the Guardians thwarted the Accuser and a new baddie comes in at the end of that battle and is on the hunt for Drax the destroyer and the rest of Guardians as well.   A very action packed issue with some of the less known Guardians, the Thing and Venom, get to take some center stage as they work as a unit to take down their new foe.  Some tense moments between Peter and Kitty Pryde igniting the romance we have been missing since the run has began and a flashback that explains why the new villain wants to take down the Guardians.  Lots of great comedy beats through this issue, a family photo, and a looming threat to start the next story line next issue.  This was a fun read with tons of action, captivating story, and a cliffhanger for stories to come!


The art by Schiti looks great in this issue and has become the art I think of when I think of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  A look that is definitive in its own way and not too complicated helps the story and art mesh into one which is how every comic should be meshed to tell a story.


The cover by Adams and Keith shows a new villain this issue that is knocking out the Thing and Drax.  The cover is colorful and full of action, which makes up an excellent cover for the story inside.
Garrett’s Rating:  8/10


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