Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five #3

Injustice Y5 #3

Written by Brian Buccellato

Art by Bruno Redondo

Colors by Rex Lokus

Cover by David Yardin


This is reminiscent of a missing person case where both sides of the equation want this person for different reasons. That person this time is Catwoman, an ally to Batman and a mercy save from Superman.  The race is on as both units try and hunt her down while other threats like Bane and Killer Frost try to get in the way.  The tensions run ever high as everyone is frantically searching for Catwoman hoping that Batman’s team finds her first and fearing if Superman’s team happened upon her before Batman. Introducing Injustice Bizarro, In-depth characterization of the “new” Nightwing and a frantic search to save Catwoman.  Fun issue with great action and intensity.  I can’t believe year five of this story is still as great as year one. I never want this series to end!


The art by Redondo has a very distinct look with dark shadows and makes the characters look epic in scope.  It is always awesome to see battles with characters that wouldn’t normally fight each other but the grand scale of this art pulls it off!  The colors by Rex Lokus show good contrast from characters that live in the shadows vs the characters that live in the light.  Great color palette and some of the best action in a comic book portrayed by Redondo and Lokus.


The cover by David Yardin looks just as great as the last issue Yardin drew for Injustice.  Killer Frost and Bane preventing Batman from getting to Catwoman who is frozen in a block of ice.  The colors of Batman and Bane have a metallic look to them and really stick out against the icy blue color radiating off of Killer Frost and the ice surrounding Catwoman.
Garrett’s Rating:  8/10



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