Southern Bastards #13

Souther Bastards #13.jpg

Written by Jason Aaron

Art and Colors by Jason Latour


Football is life in the South. Each contest is not just 60 minutes of a game. It’s 60 minutes to prove you’re the best and to prove your worth. Boss knows this but he just lost one of the biggest things that was going to help him prove his worth, Coach Big.


After years of guilt for creating the man we know as Boss, Big put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. And now he’s dead. It wasn’t until Boss killed Earl Tubb that Big realized the monster he created. Now Craw County’s monster is going to lose to the motherfucking Wetumpka County Warriors.


Throughout this issue we are shown how powerful being the coach as made Boss in Craw County. The Mayor, and his wife, are concerned about winning the game against Wetumpka County. They’ve won a lot of town’s approval by winning games. From the sound of things, they’ve done a lot with that approval. They have everyone working for them, keeping secrets.


Aaron’s story as really progresses in surprising ways. What we thought would be our main character, Tubb, died in the first arc. It turns out, Boss is our main character. Aaron work here is great as always. The characters inside these pages are real people, flaws and all. Aaron knows how to make sympathetic villains and after learning about Boss’ past, we’re all related to the guy who’s doing awful, awful things. Latour’s art brings out the corrupt, dirty look of this southern county. The flaws in their characters are seen on their faces. These aren’t people who do nice things, they have the scars to prove it.


Craw County loses to the Warriors because of their big running back. This does not please Boss. He gets wasted and goes to fight this kid from Wetumpka County. Boss is out to prove he is #1 in Craw County still. He knows everyone is coming to get him in one way or another but he’s ready. Boss is ready to prove his worth.
Marvin’s Rating – 9/10


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