Black Science #20


Written by Rick Remender

Art by Matteo Scalera

Colors by Moreno Dinisio


“Spreading the faith”


Sometimes you fuck up. Sometimes you lose a dimension jumping pillar to a death cult of millipedes, but hey who’s perfect?

Grant McKay is looking for his family and crew.  They’re lost in some dimension, he doesn’t know which, and he’s tracking them down. His ship has a tracker and he’s jumping into each dimension to find them. This issue follows one of the greatest issues of Black Science, so it’s hard to meet that bar, it doesn’t, but it does keep that momentum at an entertaining pace. Remender’s pacing with this issue is great. He’s flying between the action of fighting a death cult who’s killed everyone in this dimension to nice quieter panels where we have dead Ward.  Grant remembers shitting on Ward’s dreams of having a family, something Grant took for granted. He states he’s going to honor Ward and make this mean something. After dealing with the death cult (laser shot from his ship, no biggie) Grant states it’s time to get his people back as he jumps away


Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio doing art really is a dream team. Scalera has some bold line work that seems to give Dinisio’s colors an explosive look. An ad in the back of the book shows some uncolored panels from Scalera and they really are amazing. This book continues to be one of Remender’s and Image’s best books. Here’s hoping it nails the landing.
Marvin’s rating – 9/10


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