The Ultimates #4

Ultimates #4

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Kenneth Rocafort

Colors by Dan Brown and Rocafort


One of the greatest parts of Marvel lore is their cosmic stories. We don’t really know what exists still in this new Marvel universe since the restart of Secret Wars. However, Al Ewing’s Ultimates has been a great entry into the cosmic stories of Marvel.

Blue Marvel, AKA Dr. Adam Brashear, is met with the ultimate (pun unintended) conflict. He’s been on this journey, with our other Ultimate friends, to try to fix the universe’s problems. Their first mission was to stop Galactus by satisfying his hunger. They succeed and he’s now the Lifebringer of the universe, the seeder of worlds. In this issue, Blue Marvel meets his wife’s killer while on the way to the outside of everything. Anti Man, AKA Connor Sims, is asking for help. He knows he lost control and wants Blue Marvel to help him. Blue Marvel wants nothing more than to end Connor and its not until his son Kevin Brashear (the first person to leave the Omniverse and winner of the Silver Surfer look alike contest) tells him of the hypocrisy of the situation that he realizes he’s right. The Ultimates already helped Galactus, the former eater of worlds, so why not Anti Man? Blue Marvel takes Anti man aboard his ship as they continue on to the outside of everything. We end with Eternity telling Galactus (sporting a nice gold makeover) to stop our heroes from reaching the outside of everything.


There is a lot to digest in this book. A lot of Easter eggs and lesser known characters from other books, but Ewing does great holding our hands through it. He seems to even understand our heroes may need reintroducing each issue as their names are usually found next to their first appearances. The art from Rocafort is pretty great, his linework is rough and the colors are realistic, but it adds to the book’s character.


Ewing has been doing great reintroducing the Marvel cosmic universe for this new Marvel Prime universe. I’ve enjoyed each issue more than the last and this group of characters just work well with each other. This is one of the most fun books Marvel is putting out right now.
Marvin’s rating – 9/10


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