Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five #4

Injustice Year 5 #4.jpg

Written by Brian Buccellato

Art by Mike S. Miller and Iban Coello

Cover by David Yardin


Only four issues into the last year of Injustice and this series has been keeping its momentum flying, no holds barred.  We open this issue with a classic fight that everyone is waiting to see on the big screen at the end of March.  Superman and Batman are so unlike their usual characterizations in comics, who knows if one will actually kill the other for their own cause.  After issue 3, with the kidnapping of Catwoman, Batgirl is still taking on Killer Croc to save the woman in leather.  All of these things are happening at the same time when finally Batman’s crew gets together as does Superman’s crew.  Superman is ready to take that next step in his fall down a very dark path, potentially, with the death at Batman’s hands. Batman is able to escape due to his advanced sleuthing mind, one that even makes Superman smile.  The second story in this issue deals with Hawkman wanting to bring his lover Hawkgirl back to Thanagar. Hawkgirl has a different idea on what she wants for her own life.  Hawkman takes on Superman’s regency to no avail, as they leaving in the dirt dishonored and defeated.  Maybe Hawkman will be joining a certain resistance next issue? Only time will tell!

The art by Miller and Coello is epic in nature with great powerful stances by all character’s in this issue especially when it comes to motivation in some character’s eyes versus the malice in other’s.  Both artists great use of shadows throughout this story makes it feel like a showdown for the ages.


Another cover by David Yardin has Hawkman flying towards us with the hovering image of Superman and Hawkgirl above him.  Yardin is great at showing emotion and what the characters are thinking as we see when the issue reveals Superman’s, Hawkgirl’s and Hawkman’s intentions.
Garrett’s Rating: 8/10


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