Superman: American Alien #4

Superman American Alien #4

Written by Max Landis

Art by Jae Lee

Cover by Ryan Sook


The story by Max Landis is exciting and fresh. We are seeing stories about Clark Kent that we could never imagine.  This story brings back the characterization of Clark Kent I haven’t experienced since Smallville was on the small screen. This is huge for Superman fans like myself because we can never forget that, yes, Superman can be considered a God among men but he was raised a human.  Superman’s humanity is what keeps himself from being a deity to the people of the world and instead, he is an inspiration of hope the world needs. The New 52 Superman is back on the right path of finding that inner Clark Kent we all love but has never reached the point we have all been craving but thank god for this book because it’s definitely back.  The panels in this story involving Clark Kent’s and Lex Luthors first meeting as reporter/businessman is definitely one for the books as I felt the omnipotence Lex Luthor portrays around inferiors. It’s truly unsettling, which is how Lex Luthor operates.  Lex Luthor wants to get inside your mind and have you question yourself and then he attacks any weakness you find in yourself. It was a truly great scene for two titans that have a destiny together to change history.  Another great new meeting when Clark meets Batman for the first time…again.  The fear of what Superman might be is one of Batman’s greatest fears. Batman corners Superman and Superman fends him off with Batman leaving his cowl.  Now, not only does Superman know that Batman is Bruce Wayne but Batman knows that he is Superman.  The last page is the best image I have seen inside a comic book in a while. Clark rips off the Batman mask and cowl then puts it on. This is the first time in this story we see Clark with a cape.

Jae Lee’s art in this issue is absolutely amazing, it is the best I’ve seen of him.  It could be the Superman fan in me but wow, Lee’s art on point this issue.  I have to praise his art because his sketching of characters and the shadows he plays off creates a contrast of why Clark Kent Superman is a hero of the light. He shows great strength with shadows, especially when a certain Bat comes into play.  The last page, as I said above, is one of the greatest scenes I have seen in comics in a very long time.


I am definitely not a fan of Ryan Sook’s cover.  It’s all over the place, and yes, I get the green arrows are on the cover because Oliver is in this issue, just like there is a Bat, but other than that it’s a weak cover in my opinion.  Thankfully the inside of this issue is too powerful for this cover to take away from it. Not to say it’s 100% bad drawing of Clark Kent, and the girls on the cover are great drawings of the human figure, but what is the message of this cover? Who the hell knows?
Garrett’s Rating:  9/10


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