Daredevil #4

Daredevil #4

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Ron Garney and Goran Sudzuka

Colors by Matt Milla


First off, kudos to Goran Sudzuka for filling in on art without changing the tone of this book. I didn’t even notice until I looked at the credits that Ron Garney didn’t do the whole thing himself. Yes, there are three slight changes in art; the Tenfingers and Matt scene, Daredevil and Captain America scene, and the Blind spot and mother scene. However, all three mimic the same style while just slightly varying to show the change in tone of each scene. We have the action packed Captain America section. This is a rougher section with the line work and color looking like Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. The thriller-esque Tenfingers scene with Matt has some cleaner lines with a muted color scheme. The Blind spot section is a combination of the two with a lot a scenes in the shadows showing off some great ink work. This is fantastic work from the art team all around. Though they are mimicking the Miller Daredevil art style, I believe they are bringing their own flavor enough to differentiate it.

Soule doesn’t have an easy task here. He’s trying to tell his own story yet seems a bit bogged down in the new Marvel continuity. In a scene with Captain America, Daredevil is contemplating telling Captain America his true identity. I thought this was reset because of Secret Wars, however, Daredevil’s internal monologue state it’s a choice he made. When? And why was it necessary to have this plot point when Secret Wars reset it anyway? In the grand scheme of this issue it doesn’t matter, but it’s an irritating change. Ironically, Soule’s strongest act is the one with Captain America. We get a few amusing scenes with a bomb that deal with Matt’s blindness that increase the scene’s suspense. The other two scenes are passable. While they forward the plot there is nothing new or excited that make the scenes stand out.


Soule seems to be trying to push his story beyond the homage to Frank Miller’s Daredevil run. I’m not sure if the parallels were his idea or Marvel’s (because of the Netflix series’ success) but I’m hoping he can continue pushing the new, exciting changes to the story he’s implemented.
Marvin’s rating – 7/10


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