Karnak #2

Karnak #2

Written by Warren Ellis

Art by Gernardo Zaffino with Antonio Fuso

Colors by Dan Brown


This issue took a while to come out and that’s cool. Warren Ellis explained that Gernardo Zaffino was having some personal issues and he needed to take a break. I’m not going to factor that part into my review, I just wanted to state that to say this was worth the wait.

The art by Zaffino is pretty fantastic. The rough line work, along with Dan Brown’s colors, creates a very kinetic, fast paced style that creates some great action panels. I hope Zaffino the best in what he’s dealing with so he can get back to this comic in the future. Fuso’s panels are passable, but after seeing Zaffino’s work it pales in comparison.


Karnak #2 is mostly a silent issue. Yes, there is dialogue (some panels have a lot of it actually) but there are about 12 pages with no dialogue and 2-3 with one panel of dialogue. Warren Ellis has written some of the greatest silence issues in comics and this issue is a great addition. In this issue we get Karnak confronting the abductor of the boy he was sent to recover. Karnak finds the boy isn’t there, but he’s become (willingly or unwillingly) a messiah for this group. The abductor and Karnak have a fight and he tells Karnak where he can find the boy, but the location doesn’t make any sense to Karnak.


The issue ends with probably its strongest moment. Karnak after fighting the abductor, goes to a local restaurant to order a pure glass of water. We end with Karnak looking onto the street to a couple kissing and a couple of people talking. He holds up his hand in front of the window. Is he trying to block his view?  Does he see this moment of their human lives, which they probably see as having a good time, as flawed? It’s almost if he’s trying to gain a moment of peace, but he can’t help but see the flaw in all things.


Marvin’s rating – 9/10


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