Saga: Chapter 34


Written by Brian K. Vaughan

Art by Fiona Staples


Ghüs is back with Friendo.

In this installment of Saga, we have three storylines going on. Alana and Marko are looking for their daughter Hazel, but they need help. They go back to find Prince Robot IV, along with his son, Ghüs, and Friendo, to ask for his help. Meanwhile, The Will is still holding Upsher and Doff capture while he argues with the hallucinations of The Stalk on what to do with them. Hazel, meanwhile, is dealing with the issue of having caused her teacher to black out (after revealing what she really is) and hit her head on the table, causing her to bleed out. Though she recovers and makes a surprising proposal to Hazel that ends this issue of Saga.


Brian K. Vaughan has created some of the best and unique characters in any current comic book. It’s a testament to Vaughan that I was ecstatic to read this issue because Ghüs and Friendo were on the cover. These are two minor characters, but Ghüs has such a distinct voice that both their appearances make me happy to read this issue. While Hazel has always been our narrator, she’s appearing more and more on the page in her own storylines. Vaughan did some time jumps along the way to make her into an age that’s more compelling than the baby she once was. I’m truly enjoying seeing Hazel grow up on her own without her parents to help her.


Fiona Staples is doing some unbelieveable work with this series. This issue’s cover is truly breathtaking and something I admired for a while after picking up the issue. I praised Fiona’s art in my last review of Saga, but I forgot to mention even her panel work is amazing. I’m not sure if it’s from Vaughan’s direction, but the viewpoint of each panels is really perfect. There are a couple of perfect page turns that surprise you in this issue, including that last page cliffhanger.


Saga continues to be one of the greatest series out today. It’s getting harder and harder each review to reiterate how great this book really is. While the plot point that started this series was not truly unique, Vaughan and Staples have grown it into something that is. It’s one of the most unique comic books current coming out and also probably one of the most unique in any medium.
Marvin’s rating – 10/10


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