Spawn #261


Written and art by Erik Larsen and Todd McFarlane

Cover by Erik Larsen


The story by Larsen and McFarlane continues from the last issue as Spawn is working his way out of hell with his love Wanda.  Satan is hot on Spawn’s heels threatening his entire existence.  Spawn channels his inner savageness, which radiates out of his costume to attack all of the demons and ghouls resisting Spawn’s goal.  Spawn shows extreme bloodlust until the final confrontation between Satan, Spawn, and Hellfire, where Hellfire brings Al and Wanda’s baby to the forefront again blackmailing Spawn with a choice that he and Wanda can go free with their child, if he gives over the costume.  Spawn refuses and the last image shows Spawn shooting a green beam right at Hellfire doing who knows what to whom and especially his child.

The art by Larsen and McFarlane is crisp and epic in nature.  Spawn looks amazing as he is literally fighting swiftly through hell.  Color are so good maybe the best I have ever seen in a comic.  The fighting style is raw and has that badass rage that a character like Spawn should possess.


The cover by Erik Larsen is awesome with Spawn in a battle pose with his sword ready to take on the hulking mass that is Satan who is pissed like no other.  Great color with the reds, yellows, and Spawn green.  The cover really ups the adrenaline factor about what is to come in this issue.


Garrett’s Rating:  8/10


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