Superman: Lois and Clark #5

Superman- lois and clark #5

Written by Dan Jurgens

Art by Neil Edwards

Cover by Lee Weeks and Brad Anderson


Every issue of this series has always contained a flashback with parallels to the present.  Jurgens uses a unique story technique that makes the overarching story of this series fun to follow and you can’t go wrong with this issue when the pre-flashpoint Superman runs into New 52 Batman.  Superman shadows Batman without Batman’s knowledge because of his relationship with his Batman from his earth. It’s fun to see a weathered Superman comparing this younger Batman to his pre-flashpoint doppelganger. Readers find out that Superman does this because he is lonely and he knows that a Batman in his life is his friend.  Very fun first half of the issue with nostalgia to the extreme.  The second half of the issue has us back to the present day story with Superman taking on Hank Henshaw and Blanque whom he eventually defeats (Hank being under mind control from Blanque).  The ominous threat of intergang comes closer to Clark and Lois while their son Jon is getting more curious about the name of Clark Kent. Loving this series and can’t wait till the next issue!

Art by Neil Edwards is greatly detailed and is quite similar to the artwork of Lee Weeks.  My favorite art by Edwards in this issue is his depiction of Batman, heavy shadows and fluid action makes this Batman an accurate image of how I see Batman in my own mind.


Cover by Weeks and Anderson has great contrast with the bright red of the Superman symbol on the wall in the alley with Batman looking up into the air with thugs knocked out all around him.  Short and sweet with great shadow work vs the light of Superman’s symbol.  Everyone loves a good ole Batman and Superman story and this cover really boosted my excitement for this issue.
Garrett’s Rating:  8/10


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