The Astonishing Ant-Man #5

The Astonishing Ant-Man #5

The Astonishing Ant-Man #5

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Ramon Rosanas

Colors by Jordan Boyd & Wil Quintana


Scott goes to San Francisco to help out Giant-Man.

This issue continues Nick Spencer’s great run on Ant-Man. The dialogue continues to be quick and witty without being annoying. This is a real achievement as a constant witty character can usually become the annoying caricature of what they once were. Five issues in (into this new volume anyway) Spencer has been keeping things fresh and funny.


There are a couple of scenes that brought a smile to my face in this issue. We get a training montage (play your own music along with it) and the villain eviscerating his programmers, after he explains to them one of the tropes of being a supervillain. This issue was fun, but we were missing the pathos of the family storyline, which I’ve been enjoying. The last page looks like we might be getting more of that soon.


The art from Ramon Rosanas is still great and fits the tone of the book very well. I believe Jordan Boyd is joining Wil Quintana on colors this issue for the first time (I’m not 100% sure and google was not my friend). Jordan Boyd is doing some great work over on Deadly Class (it’s a pretty great book) and his help here is very welcome. You can’t see a real distinction between the two, Boyd might be just assisting Quintana in his style, but the colors are enjoyable. I’m still enjoying how they are lighting Miami vs San Francisco in this series. Their colors along with Rosanas’ art is still giving Ant-Man a cartoonish feel.


This is one of the few Marvel series that hasn’t lost it’s step since the start of the new Marvel Universe (mostly because not much has changed). The Astonishing Ant-man #5 is great addition into the new volume of Ant-Man.


Marvin’s rating – 8/10


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