The Walking Dead #152


Written by Robert Kirkman

Art by Charlie Adlard

Cover by Charlie Adlard



Tensions are rising as Rick’s followers are getting ancy about retaliating against the whisperers.  Some are training to prepare for the oncoming fight, some are angry about what the whisperers have done, and some are so angry that they “beat up” on one of our heroes and let out only one of the most dangerous men on the zombie filled planet!  Kirkman really knows how to draw out a story and keep building it until it pays off into a epic electrified issue that blows everyone’s socks off, we aren’t there yet but oh yeah, it’s coming.  Problem’s with a plan against the whisperers are definitely about to get more tricky as the famous prisoner who is now out is not going to let Rick live smoothly especially when he knows that the whisperers are right at their door.  It will be interesting to see how Rick and Negan will confront each other in the midst of a hurricane that is the whisperers coming down on them with no mercy.  The zombie filled world seems a lot smaller than at the beginning of this series.  “Silence the Whisperers”


So every issue so far on this website I have reviewed the art of Charlie Adlard so instead of talking about this strengths with his art, I figured I would go over the highlights of his art in this issue.  There are two spotlights from this issue I will discuss; One is when Gabriel is target practicing on zombies for the upcoming battle.  A Clearly inexperienced shooter but as Charlie Adlard’s art creates tension for the reader as you don’t know if he can even handle shooting zombies, the larger panels shown for this is truly haunting as some good ole zombies are heading right towards the front of the page.  Second, is a certain empty jail cell at the end of the issue; the panic created in this scene is chilling as a certain spiked bat loving prisoner finally makes his escape after two years of imprisonment.


The cover also by Charlie Adlard is simple but completely awesome!  You get Dwight and another “soldier” in the hilltop-alexandria-kingdom army patrolling as two citizens are helping pinup war propaganda against the whisperers.  This cover gets me excited for the inevitable war against the whisperers, I know the buildup to the war will take time as every Walking Dead storyline does but when every city is ready to go up against them, there is going to be some epic images and covers I’m sure Adlard is already working on to wow us!
Garrett’s Rating: 7/10


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