Batgirl #49


Written by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher

Art by Babs Tarr

Cover by Babs Tarr


The story by Stewart and Fletcher has Batgirl fighting her own mind as the fugue takes over, rendering her memories immaterial.  I’m a big fan for when a story enters the mind of the main character because when we are inside the character’s minds so we get the pieces of the story we are missing and they start to form and create a complete narrative. The most important memories of Barbara’s mind come to fruition. We the readers get to experience what truly makes Batgirl, and that’s her memory tank of a mind. This story creates an odd experience for her as her memory goes to crap.

Batgirl may be part of the Bat-family but her fun and non-constant dread make her an interesting contrast to Batman’s moody, dark appearance.  I like reading a story where the main character is having fun being who they are, through all of Batgirl’s memories that feeling is never more apparent.  Batgirl has help from her friends and when they finally kick the fugue out of her mind, an evil plot is unraveled that might be the end of burnside forever!  Can’t wait to see where the story takes us in issue #50 because it’s going to be the hunt of a lifetime and thankfully Batgirl, with her detective prowess and memories intact, is on the job.


Babs Tarr’s art is so fresh, which is fitting for Batgirl. Since Stewart and Fletcher took over, especially with her new modernized look, it suits her character very well.  A big part of this story for me is the art and I dread whenever Tarr is not doing it.  She definitely deserves to be drawing the world of Batgirl for a very long time. The fun atmosphere of Batgirl is one of the big reasons I keep coming back and –oh boy!– the colors used in Tarr’s art enhances it to a whole other level!


The cover by Babs Tarr explains exactly what’s going on in this issue.  Barbara’s mind is being taken over and it is creating chaos.  What I love about Tarr’s art is how much it looks like Bruce Timm art, except where Timm leaves and she picks up is the colors!  The color on this cover look fantastic with all of the purple,yellow, and black.  Great cover for this great issue of Batgirl!
Garrett’s Rating:  9/10


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