Deadly Class #19


Written by Rick Remender

Art by Wes Craig

Colors by Jordan Boyd

The cold open to this issue of Deadly Class almost perfectly summarizes what is so great about this book. First, we have the comedic back and forth of the customer and clerk arguing over the B-52s. This also helps to re-establish the time period we are in. Second, you can feel Remender’s love for music in these pages as he lets us know about the B-52s and how underrated they are (while also giving you the other opinion via the clerk). As they argue, it turns into an gruesome action scene as Billy runs away from his most certain death. It’s a little bit of comedy, a little bit of rock, and a whole lot of action. That’s what makes Deadly Class so engaging.


We get a four panel page in that opening that shows how chaotic this chase is. All four panels are from the same point of view, but we get Billy running into a kitchen as the chefs slap him to get him out of the kitchen. In the next panel they are getting mowed down by machine gun fire. Billy then exits out of the window in a bloody mess. It’s this simple storytelling device that adds to the crazy action of this opening. The sprawling chase exits into an alley and turns into a hand to hand brawl. The colors and inking in these panels are really great. We get a few silhouette shots that add to the ambience of the scene in the dark alley. Wes Craig is really doing some amazing work and Boyd’s colors compliment it well.


We do get a few moments of relief as we check in with our big bad, Shabnam, and later when the group decides on their next move. These sequences offer some much needed humor and touching moments after the brutally of the last scene. Remender has always been great about giving us the best and worst of his characters. The cliffhanger ending is very interesting and had me wanting to read the next issue as soon as possible.


Remender and Craig continues to excel at telling us a uniquely bizarre, yet, personal story. The art and storytelling styles within this issue of some of the best in comics today and you shouldn’t be missing this.
Marvin’s rating- 10/10


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