Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five #5

Injustice Year 5 #5

Written by Brian Buccellato

Art by Tom Derenick (Part 1) and Bruno Redondo (Part 2)

Cover by David Yardin


This issue can be split into three parts.  The first part is not that interesting sadly enough as Batman’s resistance attempts a lame prank on Superman during an honoring ceremony. This part is interesting because Superman blows up a tower without checking if civilians are inside. He just blows it up with heat vision, which shows how far gone Superman is in this story.

The second part of this issue has Bizarro’s revealing himself to the world, much to the horror of the Rogues, who are lucky (sarcasm) enough to be the first ones that encounter him.  The Rogues believe Bizarro is a fake Superman, so Bizarro in red hot anger retaliates with brute force killing Weather Wizard and Heatwave. The last you see of Bizarro is him kidnapping Trickster and Superman arriving on the scene too late.  I have never thought of Bizarro as too threatening but with this issue, this interpretation of his character had my heart skipping beats. What is so beautiful, is that the rules of DC continuity do not apply to this story so no one is safe!


The last part, which is a tad misleading from the cover, shows Catwoman leaving the fight between them.  It literally was one page, but still, the emotion of someone who has been in the fight for a long time just leaving shows how big the stakes are in this story!  6 issues left until the big finale!


The art by Derenick is good when it’s non-zoomed in panels because the detail, especially in the character’s faces, are a little out of focus when a character is up front and center.  The art still fits into this story as many of Derenick drawn characters look similar to the art throughout this whole story.  The art by Redondo is awesome and it’s the art I was looking forward to in this book.  The characters look detailed and the emotions layers that every character is dealing with, is right at face value. Readers don’t have to look too deep into the art to figure it out.  Redondo’s Bizarro looks incredible.  The art from these two looks fantastic together and it definitely suits an issue that needed character emotion and drive against one another!


Another great cover by David Yardin for Injustice.  Batman looks away in silence as Catwoman plans to leave the battle between Batman and Superman. She does not want to become a casualty in their blood feud.  Yardin’s art on this cover has great shadow work and the emotion you experiences from the faces of both characters really shows the hurt both are going through, but knowing they both need to prevail at their own causes.
Garrett’s Rating:  7/10


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