Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1


Written by Kyle Higgins

Art by Hendry Prasetya

Cover by Jamal Campbell


The story by Kyle Higgins throws us right in the middle of Tommy’s recent joining of the Power Rangers. In the TV show, we see Tommy assimilate into the team, like he joined, when they all did. What this story is focusing on is the time period from him joining to him being an important part to the Power Rangers team dynamic, an unexplored area that really adds depth to Tommy’s character.  Everyone gets a taste of the torture Tommy has been enduring after appearing free of Rita Repulsa’s control which leaves him dealing with inner demons that in the show were kept hidden.  The main story with Tommy is a fun and interesting character study, as is, his interaction with the rest of the Power Rangers.  What I loved about this issue was the subtle comedy throughout the story with Bulk and Skull and of course the funny quips from the Power Rangers.  It’s like I never grew up and Jason, Tommy, Kimberly, Billy and Trini are still the same characters they have always been since I last watched them in the 90’s.  I can’t wait for what this series and story has to offer because it’s going to be a wild ride.

The art by Prasetya is nostalgia to the extreme as the classic characters I have seen in my childhood have literally come alive in the pages of this issue.  The classic characters we all love from Ernie to Bulk and Skull are all there with a more modernized look, well except Ernie’s hawaiian shirts. The modern look of this book really sets the tone for what we can expect, making the Power Rangers of the 90’s relevant in 2016 and beyond.  The Power Rangers look 100% identical to their tv counterparts, which adds a lot to this book reinvigorating my love and childhood following of these, “teens with attitude.”


There were several covers released with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 but I grabbed and am going to discuss the cover by Jamal Campbell, which I think is absolutely spectacular because it gives me that “holy shit, it’s the Power Rangers!” kind of feel.  All the Power Rangers are on the cover; each with one of their specific weapons and the detail to each character is great. It looks like this cover could have been a storyboard image for the show.  I love seeing the Power Rangers kicking some Putty ass and in the backdrop is the Power Rangers base. This makes this #1 cover a real treat plus you can’t pass up that great logo which fans have known since they first ever heard or saw the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Garrett’s Rating: 9/10


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