Spider-man #2

Spiderman #2

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Sara Pichelli

Colors by Justin Ponsor


As far as mainstream comics go, you have to be willing to ignore the constant changes. In my last review I was irked by the changes to Miles’ story. Now, I still am, but I’m willing to ignore the changes to just focus on the work being done by this team.

Spider-man #2 picks up exactly where issue #1 left off. Miles has just defeated Blackheart and Peter is asking what Miles has done to the Avengers. This conflict doesn’t last long as Blackheart returns and is quickly subdued by Miles.


This scene offers a nice glimpse into how the former “616” versions of the characters are reacting and perceiving these Ultimate characters. We get a flashback, told excellently in cartoon form, where Miles gets Peter Parker’s seal of approval to be Spider-man. While all this works, to Bendis’ credit, it seems like this is a necessary evil caused by the recent changes.


The next scene is what I’ve grown to love about Miles and his story. First, we get him and Ganke geeking out about meeting and interacting with the Avengers. After all Miles has been through it’s hard to remember he’s still a teenager. This scene was perfectly executed to bring us back to basics and ground this story. Sara Pichelli’s art throughout this issue, and the last, is still great. The looks is different than her last run on Ultimate Spider-man, but it’s still great.


Bendis is bringing Miles’ story back to the its grounded roots while trying to juggle these Ultimate characters in their new world. While these changes and interruptions to the story are annoying, Bendis and Pichelli have shown they still understand what makes Miles a compelling character.
Marvin’s rating- 8/10


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