The Vision #5

The Vision #5

Written by Tom King

Art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Colors by Jordie Bellaire


“Do not worry. Everything is normal.”


In the process to become more human, Vision has lost himself. The Vision family is slowly realizing they’re not as normal as they thought they could be and it’s pushing them away from everyone including each other.

Tom King continues to be putting out one of the best books from Marvel since the soft reboot post Secret Wars. Every scene in this issue could be great on it’s own, but together they’re some of the strongest character work happening in superhero comics today. That’s not to say the whole team isn’t wonderful, they are. Walta’s art is simple, yet sets the tone for the book very well. I couldn’t imagine a better look for this story. Jordie Bellaire is fantastic on colors, as she always is, especially during the interrogation scene. The color choice for the flashbacks of Vision saving the world are wonderful. It’s almost as if Vision is seeing red as he thinks back to how he saved the world so many times, yet some cop has the gall to question his motives.  


We end on the most depressing scene from this series as Vision returns home, after lying to the police, to find his normal family is in shambles. Virginia is breaking down not knowing how to fix it all and Vision just states he’ll deal with it in the morning. Is that a threat to everyone else or a promise to make everything better?


The Vision is a refreshing character piece on a character who is usually reserved for team books. King’s decision to focus on this obsession of Vision to create the perfect family has created a book that is creepy, yet a depressing insight at Vision’s goal to just be normal.
Marvin’s rating – 10/10


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