Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five #6


Written by Brian Buccellato

Art by Mike S. Miller and Iban Coello

Cover by David Yardin


I can’t deny that I was not very fond of this issue.  Well, at least until the last couple of pages this issue felt like filler to me, which isn’t a fun feeling when you have invested in a series for so long.  Not to say this issue was horrible by any means, just boring until the last couple of pages when something actually happens.  Bizarro and Superman finally meet,  I suppose that is something, and they do the usual, “hey, you look like me!” fight. They both try to take each other down while also trying to take down Solomon Grundy, the fight lasts a couple of pages with a few power blows and when finally the fight is over, Bizarro just gets bored and flies away.  Superman kills a background character that is annoying him, which continues to show how dark Superman is becoming.  Superman humiliates this annoying character by throwing him to his best friend Lex who turns around and uses him for Superman’s regime. The interaction between Superman and Lex is my favorite part of this issue because their relationship is so unlike their main continuity relationship, which is a fun dynamic especially when Lex is getting fed up with Injustice Superman’s bullshit.

Yardin’s cover is a very good cover, with Superman watching as his regime tries to take on Solomon Grundy.  What I don’t like about this cover is that none of that crap actually happens!  Superman and Bizarro fight Grundy, not his regime, except for a couple of hits that just piss Grundy off.  Epic cover just wish action on this cover happened in the issue.


The art by Coello and Miller is actually really good for how much I disliked the issue.  The art fits the story well, especially for this heavy action beat book.  All the characters look great and don’t share the same faces, which shows these artists are doing great work with their character designs.  The art of this book saved this issue from a 3 of 10 rating.  Definitely hoping next issue the story and art are both fantastic, like I know it can be!
Garrett’s Rating:  5/10


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