Birthright #15


Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Andrei Bressan

Colorist: Adriano Lucas

Letterer: Pat Brosseau



    Birthright has got to be one of the most gorgeous books I have seen. The lines are spot on and the coloring just draws in the eye to such beautiful settings. During the action of the issue, the reds mixed with purples and other warm colors to give a vibrant pallet of intensity as people die or are Pl being picked off by a magic beyond their understanding.


There are a few 2 page spreads that I loved this issue. Bressan shows how Mikey grew up from a snot nosed brat who misses his family and won’t stop complaining to a veteran of killing all evil beast, mages, and lords alike. This was something I wanted to see. The second 2 page spread is of Sameal taking out all the agents who were attempting and succeeding in incapacitating Mikey. Sameal shrouds himself and the soldiers in purple magic smoke, enticing fear and and picking off the frightened soldiers one by one much like velociraptors do.


Williamson with the help of Bressan have created a wonderful book. I look forward to seeing how the family progresses and seeing where this book takes us. I’m hopeful for a long run and to see more of Mikey’s journey through Terrenos. The reveal at the end just builds on how his family has and will most likely play a big part in this series.


Alex’s rating 8/10


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