Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #56



Writers: Kevin Eastman/Bobby Curnow/Tom Waltz

Artist: Mateus Santolouco

Colorist: Ronda Pattison

Letterer: Shawn Lee


First, my favorite TMNT artist is back! Santolouco has been my favorite since “City Fall”. He seems to be the go to for all the major arcs in the Turtle universe and I am totally cool with that. In fact his art has had the “holy shit” moment quality. His first time was Casey getting impaled by Shredder and the second was when Bebop and Rocksteady cracked Donnie’s shell.


Second, one of my all time favorite characters makes their on page debut for this series. Leatherhead is introduced to the turtles as they are called to help save the alien race the Utroms. In the 90’s cartoon Leatherhead was bad, but since 2003 TMNT cartoon, he has been an ally to the teenaged heroes and I couldn’t be more excited for him to be in this series.


I catch myself staring at this cover. Knowing that Santolouco is back makes me so happy. Now with that said also makes me biased, but I feel his art adds so much depth and detail to the wonderfully crafted story that has been building for 56 issues all thanks to Eastman, Waltz and Curnow.


Something else I notice for me personally is that when the Turtles are separated like they were issue #50-55 I don’t enjoy them as much. I understand it was a building plot and needed down time for the characters as well as the amazing creators working on this book. But I am so glad to be reading this series and so pumped to what these guys have planned for our heroes!! The lead up to what is coming and the art are superb and I can’t wait for issue #57!


Alex’s rating – 9/10


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