Doctor Strange #6

DS 6

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Chris Bachalo

Colors by Bachalo with Java Tartaglia


Doctor Strange #6 is by no means a bad book. However, since the great first issue it seems to have lost it’s momentum and originally.

Doctor Strange #6 is essentially a fight between Doctor Strange and the Bad Bad of this arc. Normally, this would be an exciting issue…if it didn’t happen already. This arc is feeling like a retelling of Aaron’s Godkiller arc in Thor: God of Thunder. We get the same main hero vs the main antagonist early in the plot with the hero losing to end the arc. While the telling of the same arc hasn’t been bad it’s definitely unoriginal which makes the outcome more predictable and boring to read.

The greatest thing about this issue is the art from Chris Bachalo. Bachalo seems to be the perfect match for this book. A mix of weird character designs and surreal landscapes, this book was meant for Bachalo. The colors are amazing and add to the sense of strangeness (pun intended) in this book. He’s done a great job of making each dimension we visit look a little different. I’ve also noticed he’s been incorporating photographic art into panels since issue one. The mix of this with his pencil artwork really does add to the idea that Strange can see multiple layers in reality.

The issue ends showing us that magic is gone from the Marvel universe. The single page stories in this backup aren’t that interesting and offer very little to the overall story. This more seems like something that was tacked on to remind readers we have a crossover arc coming up.

Overall, Doctor Strange #6 failed to excite me outside of the art. While the story is passable, it’s turning into a predictable, unoriginal action plot. Bachalo is really doing great work here, but the story has lost it’s direction since the great first issue.
Marvin’s rating – 7/10


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