Monstress #4


Written by Marjorie Liu

Art by Sana Takeda


Sana Takeda is doing some amazing work on Monstress. From the designs of each character to the excellent panels in issue #4, Takeda has elevated this book. There is not another colorist credited on this book, so Takeda must be doing them herself, and it’s a great testament to how great of an artist she really is.

The story of Monstress #4 can really be broken into two parts. In the first section we have a warlord Alia talking to the Queen. This section serves mostly to give a picture of the political landscape of things in this world. While this section isn’t horrible, it felt muddled with exposition and felt like it dragged the beginning page’s action to a halt. The next section is far more interesting with Maika, Kippa, and Master Ren. These characters are truly the heart of this book. Liu has really found her voice in these three characters and their fates are far more interesting than the details we received in the first section.

Again, Takeda is truly doing some great work in this issue. We get an amazing dream sequence at the start of the second act of the book that is has some great panel and line work. Takeda’s design of the monster hiding in Maika really is terrifying and threatening. You feel for Maika each time her body betrays her and lets the monster out.

Monstress #4 has some issues finding the story it wants to tell. It seems as if Liu wants to create the world for Maika quicker than Maika can live in it. Takeda’s art is beautiful and is truly the shining star of this issue. Monstress is in no way a bad series so far, it just seems a bit eager to share the world with us rather than letting us discover it on our own.
Marvin’s rating – 7/10


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