Superman: Lois and Clark #6

Superman Lois and clark 6

Written by Dan Jurgens

Art by Lee Weeks

Cover by Jurgens and HI-FI


This truly is the best Superman book out there right now.  Jurgens is bringing out the Superman I have grown up loving. It pains me he has to hide who he is to the world. I wish that we could get this Superman back into his boy scout blues.

The story has 3 angles; one with Clark trying to find Lois’s publisher. They know Lois is the secret Author X, who in fact is also being held captive by Intergang, the criminal organization that Lois outed. Two, Lois and Jon being kidnapped by another unit of Intergang. And three, the only part about this story i don’t enjoy because it feels like filler, the make-a-villain documentary crew pitting a criminal to face Superman for who knows what reason.  The first angle of this story, with Clark trying to find Lois’s publisher, is pure adrenaline action.  Seeing a more experienced Superman using all the tools from his toolbox to make the best possible save he can, is just fun to read and see. It’s great to see a think first, act second Superman that puts the people’s lives he saves at the greatest importance no matter what. The second angle with Lois and Jon being kidnapped is an interesting dynamic, to see Lois interact with a child that could be mistaken for Clark’s young doppelganger. This is right off the heels of Jon figuring out that Clark Kent is Superman. Not only that but he finds out Clark Kent is his father’s name and that the picture he saw in the Daily Planet newspaper was not his father.  How crazy would it be if you slowly figured out that your father was a superhero? A superhero that everyone in the world calls their savior?  Plus, we have a fun reveal at the end of this issue which I’m sure will play out in Rebirth.  The last angle, with the random villain documentary, is poor filler to stretch this story out to 12 issues. That is more of a hindrance for Superman to achieve his goals with protecting his family and stopping Intergang.


The art by Weeks is strong as ever and really matches the tone of this story.  When I see Clark, Jon, and Lois I can feel the emotion they are conveying and how pure a family they are. You are related to Superman so you have to believe in something bigger than yourself. When I look at these main characters I’m reminded of Christopher Reeve on the big screen.  I think Weeks keeps pushing himself each issue and can’t wait for what’s to come in the remaining last 6 issues.


The story is incredible, the art is incredible, even with the filler third plot line that takes away from the main story. This is the only reason this book is not getting a perfect score. This is a fantastic series and I can’t wait for the last 6 issues to see what role these characters will play in rebirth.
Garrett’s Rating:  9/10


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