The Astonishing Ant-Man #6


Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Annapaola Martello

Colors by Jordan Boyd


Cassie Lang wants to be a superhero again. She’s willing to do anything to escape the mundane life she’s been stuck in. When the app Hench goes public for anyone to join, Cassie decides she’s going to be a super villain.

In this issue, Cassie is trying to apply to be a Hench worker so she can superpowers again. She doesn’t on planning on being a super villain, until she’s told the true story about her second “heart attack”. The flashbacks we get to catch you up on the story of Cassie Lang should seem intrusive to the pace of the issue, but it’s not. It’s told in a way to catch you up, yet it gives you enough new information on how Cassie felt about it all. Spencer’s best panels in this issue are of Kate Bishop and Cassie Lang hanging out after taking care of some bad guys. You can really get a nice sense of their friendship. These panels are refreshing in a world where heroes seems to be fighting each other every other issue.


The most enjoyable part of Nick Spencer’s run on Ant-Man has been Scott and Cassie’s relationship. Scott feels the best way to protect Cassie is to keep away (yet be in the room, ant sized). Cassie doesn’t feel the same way about her Dad’s plans.When she finds out her Dad has been around but not there for her she feels lost and betrayed. Spencer is doing a great job at keeping the family moments sincere and humble. The rest of the book may be humorous and over the top, but the family story is grounded and genuine. The dialogue is still quippy when it needs to be yet heartfelt when called for.


Annapaola Martello takes over on art duties this issue and she does an excellent job. The prior issues have had a great cartoony style to them and while this issue continues this trend, it’s a little rougher and the line work is not as clean. It fits the issue, because it’s reflective of how Cassie feels. She’s not quite sure yet what she wants, she just knows the general idea. The rougher style certainly works in this more street level story.


The Astonishing Ant-Man #6 is a great addition to the Lang family story. The excellent art from Martello is similar, yet didn’t totally mimic the style of the prior issues. Spencer is continuing to put out a great entertaining book that about redemption, family, and being a hero.
Marvin’s rating – 8/10


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