The Ultimates #5

the ultimates 5

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Kenneth Rocafort

Colors by Dan Brown


The Ultimates is the best Marvel team book the company is currently putting out. All credit to Ewing and Rocafort (plus Brown on colors), this book continues since issue one to be the most fun I’ve had with a Marvel property for a while.

We find our heroes outside the known universe. They meet Galactus who tries to explain the Marvel’s evolving past (retcons) to the crew. As he explains how the Marvel timeline works, he then realizes it’s too hard of a concept for them and puts them to sleep. It’s a refreshing take on retcons and it’s hilarious that Galactus finds it may be too complicated for our heroes to understand. The grand scale of things in this story are what make it so fun. We have Galactus being manipulated by Eternity. Meanwhile, Thanos has been stuck outside everything waiting for his chance to get in. This is a pre-Secret Wars Thanos who was cast out by the new creators of the universe. It’s interesting to see at least one book in the Marvel U acknowledging the last event and working off of it.

Rocafort’s style really shines in this issue. The panels we get during Galactus’ explanation of the timeline are really great and the colors for Brown help make this book pop and stand out. Rocafort has been an amazing asset to this series from the start, but this may be his best issue so far.

The Ultimates should be the Marvel team book you should be reading. Any fan (new or old) of cosmic Marvel will find an entertaining story unraveling in these pages. This issue might be the greatest issue of this series so far.
Marvin’s ratings – 10/10


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