Daredevil #5



Written by Charles Soule

Art by Ron Garney

Colors by Matt Milla


Charles Soule is a great writer, but so far his Daredevil work has been lacking. The first arc of his run on Daredevil ended with a whimper instead of the bang it was setting up.  

We get some major revelations in this issue of Daredevil, but so far Soule has given us little reason to care. We have a resolution between Blindspot and his mother, but their relationship was never fleshed out so the impact of those events doesn’t really hit. We have a The Hand sending The Fist (an undead monster) to kill Tenfingers because he stole some of their magic. The Fist should be a menacing opponent but Daredevil takes care of him pretty easily. We have Tenfingers being killed by someone unknown, which in a way is a shame. Tenfingers was presented as a major enemy to Chinatown and Blindspot, yet we never saw that much from him. Even when he was fighting The Fist he didn’t use his stolen magic but a nine trigger six-shooter (how absurd is that gun? It’s actually one of the highlights of the issue). The new characters in this arc do not get a chance to shine while Daredevil treaded familiar ground.


Garney’s art in this issue was passable, but again feels like a familiar look for Daredevil.  The colors in this issue aren’t as great as issue 3 (the best art of the arc is located in that issue) and the pencils seems rougher than ever. The panel layouts during the action scenes doesn’t convey a sense of action well and actually have the opposite effect sometimes. The art is not terrible in any way, but it could certainly use a charge to raise the book from his passable level.


There are some things I enjoyed about this issue. That nine trigger gun I spoke about earlier had me chuckling while I read the rest of the issue. What’s the point of that gun? It only has one barrel so what does having nine triggers do for it? The absurd idea of that gun seem like it should be part of another book. A book that is more fun and campy than the serious, dark tone we get in this series. I did also enjoy Soule’s choice to have Matt figure out Blindspot was involved with Tenfingers gang, but to ignore it. His choice to let it pass, because at the end Blindspot learned and made his own choice, was refreshing choice.


While this series so far hasn’t been as enjoyable as Daredevil has been in the past couple of years, it’s still entertaining. There are small moments in this and prior issues that made me think we could be getting better issues down the line. While this issue’s ending didn’t hit the mark, I’m hoping Soule can recover with his next arc.
Marvin’s rating – 6/10


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