Saga #35

Saga 035-000

Art by Fiona Staples

Written by Brian K. Vaughan


Fiona Staples is the star of Saga. No offense to Brian K. Vaughan (he’s been great too) but Staples has truly made this book amazing. BKV is probably not oblivious to this either as the credits on the book have changed to include her name first.

This issue has some great examples on how Staples is elevating this book but all the proof you need is found on page one. On page one we get a brand new character who just says, “Hello?”. However, it’s also more than just a new character saying, “Hello?”. We learn a lot about this character in just one page; He’s wealthy (and most likely it’s from illegal means) and powerful. His most prized possession is his pink lying cat and he treats him (her?) like a king (queen?). The colors and tones of this page immediately place you in the deep, dark underground we seen on and off in Saga.


That’s not to say Brian K. Vaughan isn’t bringing his A game to this book as well. This issue forwards our story in major ways and it does so while juggling three storylines. Usually when characters get separated and we venture into three storyline storytelling, you get some storylines which don’t get much attention. Especially in a monthly issue. You don’t get much progression and some storylines start to feel like an annoying check-in rather than an enjoyable visit. Brian K. Vaughan knows how to give each storyline their time and make it worth it.


Saga continues to be one of the best comics being published. Staples really shows off each issue why she’s one of the best working artists today. The king of the cliffhanger, Brian K. Vaughan, gives us one of the most nail-biting (for me at least) endings in an issue so far and I’m excited (and worried) to see it play out.
Marvin’s rating – 10/10


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