Black Science #21


Written by Rick Remender

Art by Matteo Scalera

Colors by Moreno Dinisio


It’s hard to not be hyperbolic about Black Science. To not say it’s one of the best comics being released today and definitely the best science fiction comic to come out in the last few years. But, screw it, Black Science has proven so far, it is all those things.

Remender and Scalera have created a world so full of possibilities that it’s feasible this book could go on forever. Yet, the story of Grant McKay does have an end point and this issue was a checkpoint in his journey. While searching for his children, Grant finds a beacon for one of his crew members in another dimension. It’s for his once loved, now hated Rebecca. But fret not, this is not his Rebecca, but the Rebecca of this dimension. Grant’s Rebecca took her life and then took over her life.


The opening pages of this book are an amazing testament to how great of a job Scalera is doing on this book. The first page alone asks that you stop and gander at its beauty. The whole issue is also beautifully colored by Dinisio. The more fantastical early pages are colored lighter than the darker tones we get later in the book. They both give the later pages a more noir look. We get a flashback sequence that both Scalera and Dinisio do an amazing job on. You don’t even question what time it takes place in as the clues, like a CRT TV and older computer, sit in the room to tell you.


Remender doesn’t pull any punches this issue. You may finish the issue and feel terrible. Grant McKay is definitely making strides to become a better man but he has to make some tough choices in this journey. The title card comes up on the last page of this issue, hitting just as your heart sinks. You’ll feel good for McKay, but feel bad for Rebecca; a character which we grew to love and then hate along with McKay.


I couldn’t imagine any other artist doing Black Science than Scalera. Each issue he seems to want to push and top himself. Remender isn’t pulling any punches with Black Science, this arc being one of the most heartbreaking. This is one of the best books being released today because they both continue to excel and push Black Science each issue.
Marvin’s rating – 10/10


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