The Vision #6


Written by Tom King

Art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Colors by Jordie Bellaire


P vs. NP


The Vision cannot process what has happened to his perfect family. He did all the calculations correctly and had all the right things, but he failed. He’s left with a daughter who is inconsolable, a son questioning what he is, and a wife losing her mind.

The Vision knows what it means to be human. There are certain actions that cause predictable reactions in humans. There are certain feelings we generate in certain situations. You can measure it and calculate it. At least, that’s what The Vision though.


After finding out his wife killed The Grim Reaper, he’s questioning everything he knew. Because, you see, it’s not so easy to be human. Our choices and reactions are anything but predictable. People are irrational and sometimes illogical. The Grim Reaper broke into their house during dinner. Was that predictable? And what would be the human reaction to that situation? To protect yourself and your family? Yes, Vision agrees that Virginia did the right thing by protecting her family. But, does he agree that burying and covering up the body was the right thing to do?


Was it okay to threaten her blackmailer when he was risking ruining their perfect lives? These unpredictable moments in their lives were not something he calculated. So he’ll go back and start again. He’ll start with creating a dog for his family, that is something he can calculate and solve. He’ll go back to finding things he can fix. He’ll go back to solvable problems.


Tom King’s The Vision continues to be an amazing story about prejudice, humanity, and family. Its dark humor is mixed with some of the most depressing panels seen in mainstream superhero comics today. Walta’s art is perfect for this book and it’s a shame he won’t be on the next issue. The next arc has a lot to live up to but, judging from these last 6 issues, they should be excellent.


Marvin’s rating – 10/10


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